Troy is owned by a very good friend of mine. Fully health tested liver cocker dog standing at stud at Taponoth gundogs.

Troy is illustriously bred direct from an Ftch mother and an Ftch father.

I can honestly say in over 30 years involved in gundogs and at least 15 of those years in cockers I have never seen an animal with the capacity of brain power that Troy has.

He thinks way ahead of himself and has natural gun sense in bucket loads.

He is superbly quick with flair power drive and style to match.

He adores retrieving anything and will most certainly hold his own on the test circuit.

Troy has a beautiful temperament and will hunt any cover with vigour and optimism.

I have used Troy at stud recently on a field trial winning bitch I own and I can’t wait to see the results.

Troy most certainly is a superstar in progress but we will take a breath as enough said at this point.

Please call for more info’ if required.